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Premiere of Massenet’s opera MANON

After a break of about ten years, Jules’ Massenet’s MANON can be heard at the Vienna State Opera tonight again. This is the premiere of the season. Conductor: Bertrand de Billy, producer: Andrei Serban, stage designer: Peter Pabst. The superstar Anna Netrebko sings in the main role, and Roberto Alagna – in the role of Chevalier Des Grieux.

The main personage Manon is going to be much more colorful, and the relations between figures in the opera will be more complex, compared with many previous stagings. The humor will play an important role as well. The producer Andrei Serban most of all wants to face against the conventions and mannerisms, which ruled the history of opera for 400 years.

Premiere: 3rd March, 19.00; next performances: 6, 10, 13, 16, 19th March, 19.00. Wiener Staatsoper.

Austria is the second most attractive holiday destination in the whole world

Austria was elected by a ranking of the World Economy Forum (WEF) in Davos, to the second most attractive holiday destination in the world. Austria takes the second place behind Switzerland and ahead of Germany. According to the WEF, those three countries count to the economical most attractive destinations for the tourism industry. Besides the […]

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Pathological tyre hater in Upper Austria

In the Western part of the federal state Upper Austria, a Pathological tyre hater is up to mischief. The unknown person might have a strong aversion against the tyres of cars. Last night more than 100 tyres were slashed and destoyed for the third time. Even a police car is among the victims of the […]

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400.000 Austrians have depressions

About 400.000 Austrians have depressions, complain specialists. They demand more effective medicaments beside the therapy. Only 36.000 of 400.000 receivce an optimal treatment. The disease is not taken seriously in Austria. Globally humans die three times more of suicide, in comparison with AIDS, and eight times more, in comparison with Malaria.

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Female student beated and bited policemen in Graz

The anger about the tuition fee brought a 23-year-old female student from Graz to court. Totally drunk she started to paint paroles against channcellor Gusenbauer on walls. When two policemen tried to stop her from her criminal act, she started to beat and bite them. In court she said he has a problem with alcohol […]

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