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81 percent of Austrians do home improvments as do-it-yourselfers

home worker According to a representative survey by order of “Henkel Central Eastern Europe”, 81 percent of the Austrians over 18 years are active as do-it-yourselfers.

Even a third of the Austrians take the tool kit daily to do works in flat or house.

Also more and more women make home improvements as do-it-yourselfers. Their share amounts 73 percent. 90 percent by men.

The kings of do-it-yourselfers live in the federal states of Upper Austria and Salzburg. 88 percent declared to do home improvements themselfes in those two provinces. The percentage in the capital Vienna amounts 77%. Lower Austria and Burgenland 83 percent, and Styria and Carinthia 80 percent.

Only the people of Austrias Western provinces, Tirol and Vorarlberg, are not so exicted to do home improvments themselfes. They are on the two last places of the Austrian ranking by only 72 percent.

76% of the do-it-yourselfers only act when there is something to repair. On the other hand 24% always find something to do. They see doing home improvements as their main leisure activity.

Interesting also the time of working. 36% work during a weekday. 39% prefer to do their home improvment on a non-working weekend. Only 15 percent work in the evening after their paid job. 7% act during their holiday time.

79% do repair or renovating works, 73% build and install furnitures, 72% paint. Only 26% dare to do electrical installation or thick-bed laying. On the end of the list what Austrians like to do themselfes is further the installation of sanitarian facilities (22%), and repair works on the car (19%).

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