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Unique museum of contraception and pregnancy termination

museumA worldwide unique museum of contraception and pregnancy termination was opened in Vienna.
Numerous exhibits and various kinds of information about this subject are exposed.
The possibility to regulate pregnancy and parenthood itself is an important achievement of the medicine. It is expected, that a lot of young people will visit this museum, in order to get acquainted more about human physiology and with abundant methods of planning of pregnancy.

The city Vienna has an entire palette of consultations and information centers, where an advice and support in a concrete situation could be received. There are telephones for girls (0800 21 13 17) and pregnant women (0 800 20 42 20, an information center for families, as well as the First Love casualty departments.

Moreover, the Office of the Women Health Delegates of the city Vienna provides sexual education for girls and boys at schools. Also in the women health centers (Emperor Franz Josef Hospital, Semmelweis Women Clinic) workshops for teenagers are offered.

The adress of the new Museum (Museum für Verhütung und Schwangerschaftsabbruch):
Mariahilfer Gürtel 37/1. Stock 1150 Wien

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