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Booze Nation Austria: Austrians more often drunk as EU-average

boozeAccording to the “Eurobarometer survey” of the European Union, which was yesterday published in Brussels, the Austrians are more often drunk than other citizens of the European Union. Austria takes with Spain the two top places in the ranking. The citizens of both nations get excessive drunk several times in a week.

Heavy booze nations are still also Ireland, Finland, and Great Britain, but in those countries people get heavily drunk only between one to four times in a month.

24 percent of the Austrians told they were drunk several times in a week last year. They never went home until they had less than 5 drinks in one evening. Only Spain had a higher percentage: 28 percent.

The top three European booze nations:
1. Spain … 28%
2. Austria … 24%
3. Ireland … 17%

By a percentage of 5%, Finland is far behind. 25% of the Finns get drunk only one time in a month, but then total.

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