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Baker factory Ölz invests 17 million EUR for new factory floor

ölz bakerThe popular grand baker factory Ölz in Vorarlberg reports new investments. 17 million EUR will be spent for a new factory floor. The construction works will start this month.

The new factory floor should be finnished in 2008 and involve 4.500 square metres. The new hall will be used for the production of toast bread and sandwiches, as well as for new offices for logistic and dispatch. 40 millions of toast breads shoule be produced in the new factory floor every year.

Through the extension, 25 new working place will arise, says Daniela Kapelari-Langebner from the management.

Ölz made sales in the value of 133 mio EUR last year. This is a plus of 6,3% in comparison to 2005.

The company suffers under high prices for raw materials and energy. The price for flour increased up to 30 percent last year.

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