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Beating heart transplanted in Vienna Hospital (AKH)

In Vienna General Hospital (AKH) for the first time the transplantation of the beating heart was performed. A new device helps to transport a donor’s heart for longer distances and in a better condition, than it was possible before. Now there will be no need to keep a donor’s heart in the ice. By the new method, the heart is placed into a device, where it is constantly supplied by a pump with the blood of body temperature, enriched with oxygen.

The 30-year-old woman from Carinthia, to whom the heart was transplanted by this new method on the 6th of February, in about 4 weeks participated in the press conference, were it was confirmed, that the results of the operation were perfect.

For the first time in the world the beating heart was transplanted in Germany about one year ago. Using this new method the patients’ survival chances significantly increase, and the number of heart transplantations should also increase.

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