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Childbirth symposium in Linz

linzThis weekend a symposium about childbirth took place in Linz.

Physicians from many countries shared their knowledge. The main emphasis was made on the love for unborn baby. According to gynecologist dr. Hans Neumann, the initiator of the Symposium, stress during pregnancy today is quite a natural state for the fetus, however lack of love could be really harmful.

This psychological situation could cause even somatic consequences for the baby. In his practice there were cases, when unwanted newborns came to this world already having gastric ulcers!

According to dr. Gernot Tews, the head of the Hospital for Women and Children of the province, today the modern attitude about the birth is a trend “back to the nature”. In this hospital only 25 percent of all pregnancies are ended by cesarean sections, when other hospitals have mostly about 42 percent of them.

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