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Deadline of advance registration for medical studies in Austria

medical studentsThis Friday was a deadline of the advance registration for the medical studies in Austria. In Vienna University there were about 4,500 candidates registered. The relation between German and Austrian candidates remains about the same: 62 percent come from Austria and 31 – from Germany. More than 2000 candidates applied for the medical studies in Innsbruck, were the gratest part of German applicants registered. In Graz there were about 1220 applications (about 22 percent of them were from Germany).

In Vienna and Innsbruck, in addition to the electronic registration, the potential students must register themselves also personally, and to the University of Graz the documents for the registration should be sent.

The multiple choice tests will take place on the 6th of July, by which in Vienna and Innsbruck again for the evaluation of the ability to study the aptitude test EMS will be employed. The knowledge test will be given in Graz.

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