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German hotelier in Carinthia punished Belgian holidaymakers with food denial

hotel“Holiday among friends”, is the slogan of the Carinthian holiday advertising. A different kind of friendship in Carinthia experienced a holiday group of 99 persons from Belgium.

The German operator of the “Hotel Berghof” in the Carinthian village of Mallnitz, wants his Belgian guests to pay additionally for 51 empty beds. The Belgian holidaymakers resisted the demand of the hotlier from Germany. Result: no breakfast, no packed lunch and even locked up sports equipment.

The tourism municipality of Mallnitz is upset and fears a bad reputation as a holiday destination. The Carinthian tourism association underlines, the hotel operator is not Carinthian by origin, but moved from Germany to Carinthia.

The hotel operator and the Belgian holidaymakers brought their awyers on the case.

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