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Vienna is the fifth richest region in European Union

european unionYesterday the statistics department of the European Union announced, Vienna is the fifth richest region in the European Union.

Only the regions of London, Luxembourg, Brussels, and Hamburg have more purchasing power.

The Austrian ranking behind Vienna looks as follows: Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Tirol, Upper Austria, Styria, Carinthia and Lower Austria. The only Austrian region which is below the average of the European Union is Burgenland.

The poorest regions of the European Union are located in Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland. The North Eastern region of Romania is the absolute tailender in the ranking.

Every fifth client of debtor advisory boards in Austria is under 25 years

Every fifth person in Austria under 25 years, needs the service of the debtor advisory board. The beginning of the Austrians to their “debtor career”, already starts before the 20th birthday. A start into life with personal bankruptcy is becoming more and more normality for young people in Austria. The Upper Austrian college and the […]

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