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Tickets for Football EURO 2008 in Austria/Switzerland

football stadiumTickets for the Football EURO 2008 in Austria will be available in the internet on the 1st March.

Three matches will be played in the new stadium in Klagenfurt. The first 9.000 tickets can be ordered between 1st and 31th March in the internet. Additionally 2.000 tickets will be given to sponsors.

The Football Stadium Klagenfurt has a capacity of 30.000 seats. 6.000 tickets will be given away to each of the two nations, which will play their matches against eachother in Klagenfurt.

750 tickets are hold for the local people of Klagenfurt. Tickets can be ordered at Each person is allowed to order 4 tickets. One ticket should have the price of 30 EUR.

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