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Father-in-law shot down son-in-law in Innsbruck

Last Tuesday a 49-year-old man shot down his son-in-law in Innsbruck. The victim sustained a penetrating gunshot wound on his thigh.

The 49-year-old became angry because the 21-year-old son-in-law wanted to divorce and leave his daughter. The father-in-law grabbed a gun and pointed at his young victim. When the 21-year-old tried to escape out of the flat, he was shot down from behind. The victim was brought to hospital.

The aggressive shooter was arrested by a special task force of the police, and brought to jail. During his arrest he was very calm and showed no reaction.

Official language German in Austria not good enough for Germany?

A female professor of German language moved from the Upper Austrian city Steyr to Germany. The German authorities doubted about her knowledge in the German language, and invited her by letter to a German test for foreigners. The 44-year-old woman is a professor of German language and psychology, and she was quite surprised about such […]

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