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Peter Westenthaler talks about finances of Freedom Party in court

peter westenthalerYesterday BZÖ-boss and former leader of the parliamentary group of the Freedom Party Peter Westenthaler was talking in the Riess-Passer-trial in Innsbruck.

Westenthaler told the expenses of former party leader Susanne Riess-Passer were “absolutely justified”.

He confirms the accusations against the party leaders, they have splurged money, are not true. Neither when 34 mio EUR were missing in the parties cash register.

Former party leader Susanne Riess-Passer spent 40.000 EUR for clothes from the parties cash register. Westenthaler explained it’s not possible to expect buying clothes with your own money, if you only earn 220.000 EUR in a year as party leader.

Also former party member Jörg Haider was accused he purloined money from the parties cash register, but he denied.

More prominent witnesses are charged until march: the present boss of the Freedomy Party Heinz-Christian Strache, (2nd February) and former minister of finance Karl-Heinz Grasser (5th March).

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