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Mayor of Strasswalchen: too many supermarkets in town

supermarketFritz Kreil is the mayor of Strasswalchen, a little town in the federal state of Salzburg, and complains about too many supermarkets in his town.

It seems the town of Strasswalchen is very popular among supermarket managers. 6 new supermarkets opened recently, and already 4 more are the planning stage. 10 supermarkets for 7.000 inhabitants. This is too much for mayor Kreil.

Spar, Hofer, Adeg, and Unimarkt were the first 4 of 6 supermarkets in Strasswalchen. Now also Penny, Norma, Lidl and Eurospar want to have a location in the town. Mayor Kreil: “I am wondering where they want to take the customers”.

Bad times for the little grocers in Strasswalchen. They won’t be able to remain against such massive competition of the big supermarket chains. The grocers will be the first victims of the supermarket oversupply in Strasswalchen.

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