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Hurricane “Kyrill” in Austria

hurricane damage kyrill austriaHeavy damages after the hurricane night in Austria.

Especially the federal states of Lower Austria and Upper Austria were most affected. According to the federal fire-brigade headquaters of Upper Austria, the storm unroofed more than 100 houses. Two heavy injured persons were reported from Braunau who were hit in their car by a falling tree. In the Lower Austrian capital of St. Pölten the hurricane uprooted trees, destroyed advertisement boards and broke pylons.

130.000 housholds in Upper Austria were without electricity. 200 passengers were stucked in the railway station of Salzburg city, who wanted to travel to Germany.

Still there are a lot of streets blocked this morning in the whole area of Upper Austria. At least the hurricane is over now. It was the strongest storm in Austria in the last 10 years.

– link: pictures of Hurricane Kyrill damages

Violent woman teacher has to pay 2.400 EUR

A female teacher from Upper Austria who knocked a 9-year-old pupil to the floor and kicked him last September was yesterday fined 2.400 EUR. The teacher requested respite. The verdict is not legally recognized.

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