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Crime statistics of Vienna 2006

crime report viennaThis morning the Viennese police presented its crime report 2006: the crime in Vienna decreased last year by 2,2 percent. Less murders and housebreaking, but more bank robberies, was the basic summary.

2006 was the year of bank and post office robberies. 68 banks were raided, as many as never before. Only 36 of them were solved.

The mugging of mobile phones increased by 18 percent. Passersby get attacked on the street and robbed of their mobile phones.

Residence burglary decreased by 14 percent, car thefts too. Conclusion: Vienna was and still is one of the safest cities in the world.

Ein Kommentar zu “Crime statistics of Vienna 2006”

  1. sandra

    Very pleasant visit there in October 2007. Virtually worry free from crime. People are very friendly. The city is absolutely gorgeous…I loved the family oriented atmosphere; to say nothing of cultural activities..My son lives there and they recently had a baby and that s the reason I was there. If I were young again I would seriously consider living there so that I could enjoy the many lovely parks, the delicious food, fresh vegables and fruit…..I almost hated to return to America with it s out of control crime..

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