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Controversial painting of fascist politican in Lower Austrian church

A painting in the Lower Austrian church “Prandtauerkirche St. Pölten” causes a political discussion. It shows the former bishop Memelauer and the former Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, who created a Fascist dictatorship in Austria in 1933.

Between the turn to the 20th century the church was used as a storeroom. In the 30’s the church was reactivated as clerical cultural site again.

The controversial painting was done last year. The responsible headmaster Reinhard Knitte explains it with gratitude to those two persons.

But the picture caused a lot of critics, and was interpreted as glorification of Fascism in Austria. Now Bishop Klaus Küng reacted and told that there was no intention provoke somebody. Bishop Küng promised to find an agreeable solution for the painting.

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