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Austria has new government

parliament austriaBig disappointment to satisfaction with the new government in Austria.

The Socialdemocrats and the Peoples Party agree to build the new government with a big coalition.

While the top of both parties show big satisfaction, the grassroots of the Socialdemocrats cannot hide its disappointment. Also the students are not happy and started their first protests yesterday. In future they have to work for the public benefit to receive financial help.

The young Socialdemocrats and the former vice chancellor and former finance minister of the Socialdemocrats, Hannes Androsch, raise their voices to critical comments. Even the trade labor union is not very happy. “Some Socialdemocratic party members are speechless”, says Hannes Androsch. Androsch can not imagine the managing committee of the Socialdemocrats will approve a Peoples Party government with a Socialdemocratic chancellor. Better we make a minorityparty government or stay in opposition.

In the Austrian late news on TV he renewed his critics. “Old Socialdemocratic chancellor Bruno Kreisky would rotate in his grave”, he said. The Peoples Party took all important ministries.

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