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The New Year’s Eve habits of the Austrians

new year's eveThe new year is almost here. Time to make a public opinion poll how Austrians will celebrate the New Year’s Eve into 2007.

More than half of the Austrian population, namely 52%, will celebrate the new year at home within the family circle, tells the result of a Markant market research.

39% of the Austrians wants to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at home with friends. Few Austrians are planning to go out on the last evening in 2006. Some will go to the theatre, others to concerts. Only one to four percent are going to visit public new year parties, restaurants, concerts or theatrical performances.

About ten percents of Austrians (most of them Viennese) are on holiday during the turn of the year.

The average Austrian over 15 years spends 16 EUR for sparkling wine. One fifth will buy firecrackers and rockets in a value of 11 mio EUR. Not so much in comparison with lucky charms. Austrians will spend more than 26 mio EUR for lucky charms this year.

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