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Ryanair back in Klagenfurt airport again

plane ryanairSince yesterday, after a break of one year, the British budget airline Ryanair started its air traffic from Klagenfurt to London again.

Ryanair will fly three times per week between London and Klagenfurt until the 21th April. Ryanair will decide in spring 2007 if the air connection to the Southern part of Austria will be continued or not.

The Boing 737 which arrived yesterday on Tuesday evening from London was totally booked out with 189 passengers. Most of the passengers were British who wants to celebrate christmas in Carinthia.

30 minutes later the machine took off back to London again. This time the plane was not booked out, but the manager of the aiport in Klagenfurt was still satisfied.

About 16.000 visitors should come to Klagenfurt by Ryanair in the next 4 months.

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