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Natascha Kampusch about her new life

Yesterday Natascha Kampusch told about her new life on Austrian TV.

After 4 months in freedom the Austrian TV-man Christoph Feurstein asked Natascha Kampusch how she is doing. “I am sorry for the people who think I am doing so well, and want to be in my shoes”, says the 18-year-old lady.

“They really should try to put themselfes in my position”, she adds. In her new life Natascha Kampusch is chased by strange people and receives letters from lunatics.

Natascha Kampusch dislikes loud voices and try to avoid crowds of people. She is not happy about her “star image”. People are too nosy. There were questions which made her hair stand on edge.

Kampusch tries to live a normal family life. But the situation stresses the family.

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    I really feel bad for Natascha. I know that the public/media in general isn’t capable of being decent. Stereotyping is common and everyone is too judgmental and opinionated. I feel lucky to not be restrained from freedom of speech and my opinions myself, but I try to respect others feelings and individuality at the same time as practicing these freedoms and privledges. May Natascha’s intelligence and preserverance get her through her still lonely and damaging life with us.
    all my love;

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