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Indoor fireworks: 11-year-old boy from Vienna set flats on fire

fireworkIn the Viennese district of Meidling a boy with the age of 11 played with fireworks in his room, and set several flats on fire. 50 people had to be evacuated. The total damage amounts 400.000 EUR.

The boy started his “fire show” on Sunday afternoon in the flat of his parents on the 5th floor in a settlement of the Viennese district Meidling called “Schöpfwerk”.

Two flats were totally destroyed, another adversely affected. 50 people had to leave the house. There were no injured persons in exception of some smoke poisonings.

The fireworks set the flat on fire which spreaded quickly to the neighbour apartments and the flat above. The facade was burning from the fifth to the seventh floor. The fire fighters needed three hours to put out the fire. Total damage: 400.000 EUR. Except for the people of the two burned out flats, all tenants were able to cover their apartments again.

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