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Wrong priest captured money with cheap tricks in Linz

moneyThe police in Linz was able to catch a male citizen of Linz who impersonated himself as priest, and cheated on five clueless victims.

The faked priest, who is an 40-year-old unemployed person, borrowed 220 EUR from someone, and did not pay pack.

The most bizarre story about the wrong priest and his cheap tricks happened when he told a 65-year-old man from Linz, his girlfriend wanted to jump with him into the bath tub of his bathroom. The credulous 65-year-old went into the water and waited 10 minutes for the wrong priest’s girlfriend to join him in his bath tub. In the meantime the wrong priest was searching his flat and captured money in the value of 150 EUR.

In the course of the determinations the wrong priest also confessed the larceny of 140 EUR from a flowers donation cashbox in a church in Linz.

At the moment the total loss caused by the wrong priest amounts 720 EUR. The police in Linz assumes there are still more victims of the wrong clergyman.

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