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Jörg Haider: no Austrian citizenship for Sudanese man

Once again the minister president of Carinthia, Jörg Haider, causes trouble and anger in the political scenery of Austria: he refuse to give the Austrian citizenship to a man from Sudan.

He don’t want to shake hands with women, and he was delighted about the terrorist attack on 09-11 in New York, were the main reasons of his disapproval. Additionally he was also beating school children as muslim religion teacher. A lack of personal motivation for integration into the Austrian culture makes it impossible now for the Sudanese to receive the Austrian citizenship.

“I don’t want to give someone the citizenship who beats children, and refuse to shake hands with women”, says the Carinthian minister president Jörg Haider.

The constitutional court is not happy about such a decision, and wants Haider to allow the Sudense to become an Austrian citizen.

Ein Kommentar zu “Jörg Haider: no Austrian citizenship for Sudanese man”

  1. H.K.

    Absolutely do not let him become a Austrian Citizen. I live in the USA and this country has been going downhill fast, because how liberal everyone has become. We let in all the illegal aliens and the hard working tax paying citizens (40 percent of USA citizens have no health insurance), but the illegal aliens get free medical care. This USA is headed south, mostly because of our new presidents economic procedures.

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