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Mozartkugeln from California

mozartkugelUsually Mozartkugeln are manufactured in Salzburg, Vienna or Bad Reichenhall in Germany. But recently the delicious chocolate balls are also made in the Californian city of San Diego, twelve flying hours from Salzburg, and directly located on the border to Mexico.

An emigrated young lady from Salzburg, the 26-year-old Isabella Valencia, creates and sells the sweet chocolate balls there with a great success.

“It’s much easier in the USA to make your dreams come true”, she says, “You could never start such a business in Austria without any licenses, without the examination for the master’s certificate, and without experience. You only need a good idea and to know how to be a good seller.”

Isabella Valencia soon experienced there is a big market for weddings in San Diego. She sells the most of her products on weddings and the noble Westgate Hotel of San Diego.

Fuss about the job centre in Lower Austria

The social partners in Lower Austria are upset about the campaign of the Lower Austrian job centre. The job centre in Lower Austria plans that 200 trained unemployed persons should work for free during christmas time. This would be a gift for the enterprises, says critics. The boss of the Lower Austrian job centre disagrees: […]

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Jennersdorf – soon a town without shops?

Will the little town of Jennersdorf in the federal state Burgenland soon be without shops? The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber names the reasons because more and more shops in this place close and stay empty. The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber thinks the sales room of shops in Jennersdorf are just too small, and also the […]

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