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Westenthaler: “I never said 300.000 immigrants should leave Austria”

peter westenthalerBZÖ desires a coalition with the Peoples Party and the Greens, and so a course correction must be made to satisfy the Green party. BZÖ chief Peter Westenthaler already started today, and claimed he never wanted to send 300.000 immigrants home, althought it was written on BZÖ advertising posters for the latest national council election on the 1st October.

Peter Westenthaler thinks his party is not so far away from the views of the Greens. “Everybody who respects our law and want to work, has the right to come to Austria”, says Westenthaler. During the election campaign Westenthaler was criticizing the Greens for their generous immigration politics.

Furthermore the BZÖ wants to do something for the nature. Westenthaler wants an intensive sponsorship for renewable energy.

Westenthaler about the current coalition talks: “All parties must be willing to bear responsibility. We have open arms in all directions.”

Brothel opening directly next to the church bothers priest

In the Upper Austrian town of Schärding opens a brothel today, which already caused some trouble in the town. The brothel is located in the neighbourhood of the church, which bothers the priest a lot. Also the famous “porn hunter” Martin Humer is active again, and made a notice to several town council attendants and […]

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Austrian prisoners are allowed to watch porn movies in jail

A prisoner of the jail in Krems has made a complaint that he was not allowed to buy a porn movie. The court of justice prove the prisoner right, and in future he is allowed to watch as many porn movies he wants. Prisoners should be allowed to watch movies, reads the judgement of the […]

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