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Ulrike Lunacek (Greens): EU should not stop the talks with Turkey

The foreign politics spokeswoman of the Greens, Ulrike Lunacek, comments the progress report of the EU concerning the joining negotiation with Turkey.

Lunacek regrets a lame reform interest of the Turkish government. Escpecially the paragraph 301 about revilement of the Turkish nation must be canceled, she thinks. Also the situation for the women and the ethnic and religious minorities in Turkey must be improved, the Green politican said. In the conflict about Cyprus she hopes for a compromise between the two countries.

Lunacek confirms there is no need to stop the talks with Turkey. “There are some reforms going on in Turkey”, she said. Lunacek thinks Austria must have an interest for a democratic process in Turkey.

Lunacek wants to have Turkey in the European Union because she thinks a “priviliged partnership” is not acceptable for a country like Turkey.

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