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Chemical free production of bacon in Southern Styria

baconThe Southern Styrian company “Frühwirt Feinkost” starts its chemical free bacon production.

By the use of sea salt and nature spices, as well as a new developed mature process, its possible to manufacture bacon products free from nitrite, antioxidants and flavour enhancers without any loss of taste and shelf life.

The company invested more than 300.000 EUR for research and development, says Werner Stoisser, the manager of Frühwirth Feinkost GmbH. This is equivalent to four percent of the annual sales.

The biggest challenge of the project was the reproduction of traditional receipts in a good quality, because the edibility of salt meat is strongly influenced by unstable temperatures. The new process requires a careful handiwork in salting the meat and a sensitive mature process.

Frühirth Feinkost is located in Leibnitz and was founded in 1932. Today the company is managed in the third generation. Frühwirth Feinkost received 11 times the gold medal for the excellent quality of their products in international competitions.

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