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Should there be one Tyrol?

After the Austro-Hungrian empire lost the first world war in 1918, its federal state Tyrol was divided in three parts: Northern Tyrol, Southern Tyrol and Eastern Tyrol. Southern Tyrol was annexed by Italy, and Northern and Eastern Tyrol stayed in Austria, cut off from each other by the province of Salzburg.

An amazing result caused a public opinion poll from the Southern Tyrolan home union (S├╝dtiroler Heimatbund) now, if there should be a united Tyrol again or not. More than the half of the questioned persons in Northern and Eastern Tyrol, namely 54%, would like to have a united Tyrol again.

It’s noticeable that especially the young citizens under 30 years would like to have a united Tyrol more, as all the other age groups.

Salzburg Super Ski Card fulfills all skier wishes

One ski pass for more than 2.200 ski-run kilometres in 23 different ski regions in Salzburg. The Salzburg ski card offers a big selection for the winter holidaymakers in Salzburg. This year the Salzburg Ski Card even offers a 20% discount for youths. The wide range of ski areas makes it difficult to choose a […]

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