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India buys Carinthian horses

horsesCarinthian horse breeders made a very lucrative deal. 130 horses of the breed “Norikerpferde” were sold to India. The “Norikerpferde” are a very friendly and hardworking breed of horses.

It was the veterinary surgeon Hans Joachim Erdmann from the Carinthian village of Krumpendorf, who arranged the deal. Altogether 1.000 horses should be exported from Austria to India.

The buyers from India appreciate the diligence and kindness of the horses, says Janko Zwitter, the chief of the Austrian Noriker breeders.

The Noriker horses are the only ones who go over suspension bridges. As there are a lot of suspensions bridges in India, this was the most important reason for the Indians to buy that kind of breed from Austria. A very positive development for the Austrian horses industry.

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