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What bother Austrians mostly

theaustrian“What bother Austrians mostly”, was the title of the latest public opinion poll of the Austrian market research institute IMAS.

The most bothering thing for Austrians is the political climate inside of Austria.

Almost three-quarter of the interviewed people said they dislike the way politicans treat eachother. 62% are dissatisfied with the security of the pensions, 60% are not happy about the situation on the job market.

54% are not satisfied with chanellour Schüssel, and 53% complain about living together with foreigners.

Two-thirds are happy about the readiness to help of the Austrians, and about the good condition of the environment in Austria.

The most happiest Austrians are the voters of the Peoples Party, people who live in the Western part of Austria, university men and women and high-school graduates. The most unhappy Austrians are people living in Vienna. Also the voters of the Freedom Party and the BZÖ are not very satisfied about the situation in Austria. Not happy either people from Styria and Carinthia and people who work as government officials.

The public opionion poll was made between end of September and beginning of October.

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