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Protest against divorce: Viennese man cut his ring finger off

The intention of a woman to divorce, made the husband so upset that he cut his ring finger off. Now he could go to jail for one year because the judge sees a “intimidation for the woman against the divorce”.

The man who lives in Vienna does not regret the loss of his ring finger. He confirms he also refused to sew the finger on again. “Cutting my finger off was a release for me”, he said.

What bother Austrians mostly

“What bother Austrians mostly”, was the title of the latest public opinion poll of the Austrian market research institute IMAS. The most bothering thing for Austrians is the political climate inside of Austria. Almost three-quarter of the interviewed people said they dislike the way politicans treat eachother. 62% are dissatisfied with the security of the […]

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Job centre Zell am See: no manpower for winter season

The job centre Zell am See fears a supply shortfall of manpower for the coming winter season in the Salzburg region of Pinzgau. The reduction of foreign workers from none EU-countries can cause to problems for hotel operators. At the moment they are searching for employees for the winter season, but it’s very hard to […]

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Thief told his name: arrested

Sometimes it’s so easy to catch criminals. In the village of Raaba in the country around Graz, a 43-year-old woman caught a thief in her house redhanded. “What’s your name?”, she asked the thief. And really, the man told his real name before he escaped out of the house. So with the identity of the […]

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