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Viennese bakery Ankerbrot sold to International Food Retail Capital (IFRC)

The price of the deal is not known. Ankerbrot boss Peter Ostendorf confirms that he had to sell Ankerbrot to Heiner Kamps. Kamps is also the owner of the fish chain store Nordsee, and the German bakeries Müllerbrot and Löwenbäcker.

Ostenhof thinks the deal was necessary to guarantee capital for the investment. Just for the construction of a new bread factory, 50 million EUR are needed. The sale gives us the chance to finance that, says Ostenhof.

Ostenhof also promises that Ankerbrot jobs won’t be reduced. The number of Ankerbrot chain stores should be even raised, he says.

The boss of the International Food Retail Capital, Heiner Kamps, made it from a simple bakerman to a millionaire.

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