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Should landlords in Vorarlberg remove Christian symbols from their holiday apartments?

christian symbolA big fuss about Christian symbols reigns in the federal state of Vorarlberg these days. The director of tourism Manuel Bitschnau wrote letters to hosts of holiday apartments in his region, and recommended them to remove all Christian symbols from their holiday apartments.

The manager of the Schruns-Tschagguns-Tourism-GmbH wrote his letter to 300 hosts of holiday apartments in the region of Schruns Tschagguns. He told that 50% of the visitors in the region are not Christians by religion. Bitschnau fears those 50% of none christian visitors could feel astonished or offended about many Christian symbols in the holiday apartments.

The protests came quick and Bitschnau had to qualify his statement. Bitschnau: “I did not mean all Christian symbols, but I know two examples of holiday apartments which are having too many religious symbols in their rooms. If you enter those apartments you feel like you are entering a cathedral”.

The tourism director of Vorarlberg Christian Schützinger thinks there is no need for such letters, because the visitors of Vorarlberg respect the Christian religion. “I was not happy about such a campaign. It makes no sense to work against your own identity”, he said.

Even the minister president of Vorarlberg, Herbert Sausgruber from the Peoples Party, shows his disagreement over that letter, and talks about a “rude mistake”.

Viennese bakery Ankerbrot sold to International Food Retail Capital (IFRC)

The price of the deal is not known. Ankerbrot boss Peter Ostendorf confirms that he had to sell Ankerbrot to Heiner Kamps. Kamps is also the owner of the fish chain store Nordsee, and the German bakeries Müllerbrot and Löwenbäcker. Ostenhof thinks the deal was necessary to guarantee capital for the investment. Just for the […]

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