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Football: Austria – Switzerland 2:1

This was a little sensation, and the players of the Austrian football national team showed that they can play good football.

footballEspecially in the first 45 minutes the Austrians played fantastic football which wasn’t seen in the last two years. Offensive, aggressive and good combinations. It was really a joy for the eyes to watch this match. The 2:0 lead for Austria in the break was deserved.

In the second 45 minutes Switzerland showed that they do not want to lose in Austria. Switzerland became stronger and the Austrian team had more problems as in the first half. Though scenes characterized the second half. It was seen that this was more than a friendly match. Austria and Switzerland will host the EURO 2008 together. After 95 minutes Austria was able to keep the lead. 2:1 victory, a great success for the team of Josef Hickersberger.

Austria – Switzerland 2:1 (2:0)
Innsbruck, Tivoli neu, 11.000 spectators, SR Svendsen (DEN)

1:0 (24.) Linz
2:0 (36.) Kuljic
2:1 (70.) Streller

Austria: Macho – Ertl, Stranzl (46./Feldhofer), Martin Hiden, Fuchs – Weissenberger (90./Eder), Aufhauser, Ivanschitz, Prager (84./Garics) – Kuljic (83./Leitgeb), Linz (61./Akagündüz)

Switzerland: Benaglio (46./Coltorti) – Degen, Müller (41./Grichting), Djourou, Magnin (46./Spycher) – Barnetta, Cabanas, Vogel (46./Huggel), Gygax (69./Wicky) – Lustrinelli (46./H. Yakin), Streller

Yellow cards: Weissenberger, Feldhofer, Prager, Aufhauser (Austria) Magnin, Degen, Cabanas (Switzerland)

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