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Kangaroo in Austria instead of Australia

kangarooThere is this saying “there are no kangaroos in Austria” if someone changes Australia with Austria. But in this case it’s true. There is a wild kangaroo jumping around in Austrias nature.

Since the early morning the animal keeps the police in the Tyrolean area of Wattens busy. Several times the kangaroo was seen close to the motorway today.

Hunters with tracker dogs are on the search, but the jumping animal couldn’t be found until now. It’s possible the kangaroo already escaped to the mountains.

Wrong policemen captured 6.000 EUR

Last night on the motorway close to the city of Ried, two criminals dressed as policemen were able to capture 6.000 EUR from one car driver. The 56-year-old man from Slovakia wanted to buy a car in Germany and passed the motorway exit of Ried, as a supposed police car with blue lights appeared and […]

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Horse raper in Styria

An abused mare was found in the southern part of Styria, close to the city of Bad Radkersburg yesterday afternoon. The 9-year-old Irish Tinker-mare which lives in a paddock had a 10cm long cut in its genitals. This is the ninth incident in one year in Styria. The police is searching for serial perpetrators. The […]

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Football: Austria – Switzerland 2:1

This was a little sensation, and the players of the Austrian football national team showed that they can play good football. Especially in the first 45 minutes the Austrians played fantastic football which wasn’t seen in the last two years. Offensive, aggressive and good combinations. It was really a joy for the eyes to watch […]

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