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Students in Salzburg live in bus

The prices for flats and public transports are too expensive in Salzburg, think a couple of students and made a protest.

bus in salzburgThey bought a 24-hour-bus-ticket and moved into the bus to live there. The students also took barstool and indoor plant with them and want to stay there for two days. One student even took his laptop to the bus and works for his seminar workshop.

The bus ticket in Salzburg is the most expensive one in Austria.

The organizer of the protest is the federation of Socialist students. They want to inform the public that the situation for students is very difficult in Salzburg. Without any financial help from the parents it’s not possible to study in the city of Mozart.

The bus driver don’t care about the students who transformed his bus into a mobile flat. “If they have a 24-hour-ticket, they can stay 24 hours in the bus”, he said.

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