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Today Strache vs Westenthaler live on TV!

Tonights TV confrontation between HC Strache (Freedom Party) and Peter Westenthaler (Future Austria) at 10:30pm live on the Austrian TV channel ORF 2 (or ORF2E on Astra 19.2°E 12692 H 22200 5/6) could be an amusing entertaiment.

hc strache freedom partyIt seems both really hate each other, so this should guarantee an emotional battle of words.

Yesterday the TV confrontation between Alfred Gusenbauer (Socialdemocrats) and Alexander van der Bellen (Greens) was quite boring. They almost started to smooch, because their political views are so identical and the talkmaster Ingrid Thurnherr had to remind them that this program should be a confrontation, not a date.

The duels on Austrian TV are part of the reporting for the national council election on the 1st October.

Elsner taken into safe keeping in France

The former BAWAG boss Helmut Elsner, who is involved in the Austrian bank scandal, was taken into safe keeping this week in France. The public prosecutor’s office expects an early extradition to Austria. Elsner wanted to avoid this with the declaration of health problems. But it seems he is not that suffering as he declared. […]

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Natascha Kampusch was on ski holiday with her kidnapper

For the first time the lawyer of Westenthaler Natascha Kampusch has confirmed that Natascha went on ski holiday with her kidnapper last February. Kidnapper Wolfgang interested Priklopil vender went with his victim cheap jerseys Natascha for to the Lower Austrian skiing area Hochkar. goes The wholesale nfl jerseys lawyer of Natascha Kampusch want to emphasize […]

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Austrian employees not interested to work in Eastern Europe

In August a survey showed that Austrian employees are not interested to work in its Eastern neighbour countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or Slovakia. Only a fifth (22 percent) can imagine to go and work there, and this also only if the job would be more and attractive than in Austria. Every second emloyee […]

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Charges against Strache and Westenthaler

Some people are not happy with the election campaign of the two politicans HC Strache (Freedom Party) and wholesale NFL jerseys Peter Westenthaler (Future Austria). Institutions like goes the Villa “ARGE Migration Information Centre” from Linz, the “Migration Advisory Board” from Graz, Clio the club for history wholesale jerseys and education, Helping Hands and some […]

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